Club spotlight: MCHS Student Council


People may argue that joining school clubs will not bring anything positive to a student, but only a positive aspect on a college resume. However, many students in the Student Council at Madison County disagree wholeheartedly. One student even stated that she loves how the student council has helped her “give students a voice” for issues in the surrounding community. Many of the members of the Student Council truly want everyone to be heard, and the most progressive way to do that is to educate students exactly what Student Council is and why it is so crucial to the Madison County High School community. 

So, what is Student Council? More specifically, what is the purpose of the Student Council? AnnaKate Mathis, a Junior Representative for the Madison County High School Student Council, even agrees that this club has helped her achieve many of her goals of creating a more progressive community. Mathis states that the current canned food drive project is a great example of how the “student council aims to create a more selfless community” and by doing so she and other members hope to “help out local community members that may struggle financially, or with food security.” While the student council’s goals are very important, it is also crucial to look into each member’s personal goals for the student council. Mathis states that she hopes to “develop real-world skills, help out [her] peers and [herself] by voicing what should be voiced.” She even describes MCHS Student Council as a “well-rounded sort of thing” that teaches students “good soft skills such as cooperation and leadership.”

With such projects as the canned food drive to help community members who may be financially vulnerable, the Madison County High School Student Council hopes to bring more light and attention to issues that truly affect each member of the Madison County community.