Time: The most valuable commodity


Many Gen-Z adolescents spend most of their time on their phones, worrying about what they just did or what they are going to do. It seems they no longer know how to live in the moment. Out of all the generations, they are likely the most lonely – even though they are seemingly the most connected to everyone around them – and this is because of the time they are wasting. 

Time is something that you should never take for granted. Everything that happens is bound in time. Even though it is something that is all around us, time is the most taken for granted. It is one of the most bizarre forces in the universe. People say all we have is time, but in reality, we truly do not know how much time we have. Anyone can die at any age and for any reason, and you would never know how much time you have left or how much you have left with someone.

Apprehending this wavering fact has a huge impact on how you live your life and spend the time you have. We are only aware of the three stages of time: past, present, and future. We only have the present to live. We use the past to learn so we do not mess up while we are in the future, but the present is the only time we actually have to work and change those things. Research shows that living in the present rather than living in the past positively affects one’s mental health. A person’s perspective on the past and the future has a significant effect on his or her happiness.

And after a certain age, time sort of just goes by. Nowadays people spend most of their time on social media comparing their lives to others instead of living their own. We stay connected and talk to people on social media, but we see them in the hallway and make no interaction. We have no idea how to live our lives other than through a screen. And the disappointing thing is that there is not a thing on earth that can stop or slow time down. You will never get those hours you spent laying in your bed scrolling through TikTok back when you could have been spending that time cooking with your grandmother or shopping with your friends. You never can turn back time and relive a moment. So when you have the opportunity, live that moment to the fullest.

Do not take the time you have here on earth or the time you have with others for granted. If you look back on things you can not change or things you regret all it will do is bring you down. Live in the moment. You should never waste the time you have now worrying about the time you have already spent, or how other people are spending their time.