Book of the week: Mr. Mercedes


The book Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King will definitely keep you on your toes. This book will bring out the detective in you. It is a gripping story that truly does not disappoint. Mr. Mercedes maintains the the dark backbone of a typical Stephen King novel, and it holds up the suspense throughout. At the beginning of the book, I was instantly pulled in.

A man in a clown mask pulls up in a Mercedes and shoots everyone. A group of people, including a retired detective, then team up to find this criminal. While this story is very much on the criminal side, it is still very suspenseful. This story is a high-stakes race against time to stop a killer from blowing up thousands of innocent people.

King makes the characters seem very realistic, which builds on the suspense that is already there. He made the characters creepy but also practical. King changes his writing style faintly for this book. Generally, I could recognize a King horror story within a few lines, but this was not the case with Mr. Mercedes. This is more a suspenseful book with a crime detective feel. Not that it is a bad thing; the change is precise and fitting for the detective genre, rather than horror. Overall I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys suspense or horror books!