Cubes, orbs, and the most vile of shapes


Our planet has circled the sun for 4.543 billion years, but for only 200,000 of those years has our kind tread on the earth’s soil. Despite this, however, humanity has accomplished innumerable feats in our short time in this universe. We have built countless civilizations, conquered the corners of our globe, and discovered the secrets of our universe. We slaughtered billions of our own kind over what many would consider to be petty squabbles. None of this, however, can even compare to our species magnum opus, the cube. Think of it — what is the most popular toy? The Rubik’s Cube. What has over $350 million sales and is the 10th most popular Kickstarter? The Fidget Cube. What about the two most popular video games sold in history? That’s right, Tetris and Minecraft. Even in the world of fine dining, the cube dominates in the form of a grain of salt, which forms in the shape of a cube.  The cube has ruled over this universe since the dawn of time itself, but is it really the superior shape?

My true loyalty lies with the orb, the truly the superior shape. Orbs grant us sight through eyeballs and they grant entertainment via the ball, be it basketball or baseball or soccer. We even live on an orb and life on earth is fueled by the two orbs in the sky, the sun and moon. The cube may be a powerful shape, but the orb breaths life and beauty upon our souls, with its infinite grace it both fuels and births life. It is truly the greatest of all the shapes.

No matter where one stands with orbs or cubes, surely everyone must agree that the triangle is truly the worst shape. They may be the strongest shape, but it has nothing to its name but blood, no achievements to hold to its name but slaughter. It is truly the lowest of the shapes.