Wrestler spotlight: Jace Jachimski


The Madison County High School wrestling team’s “star teammate,” Jace Jachimski, starts off his season with a BANG! With a lot of self-discipline and toughness, he has 30 wins and counting. Jachimski continues his winning streak by having a “never quit mindset” and always staying positive no matter what. He expresses, “You will only get out what you put in.” Jachimski was inspired to wrestle because he knew that if he “could overcome the challenges that come with wrestling, [he] could overcome the challenges life throws [at him].” He dreams to become a State Champion by maintaining this mindset. Jachimski is a part of a great team and looks at them as brothers. “Teamwork is when my brothers and I bond together for a common goal,” he explains, “Whether it’s on the mat or in real life.” Coming together as one with his team is what, in fact, keeps Jachimski on top. His motivational quote asserts, “Don’t dream of reality, make reality a dream.” Jachimski constantly reminds himself of this while wrestling. Through his years of being a wrestler, what he loves most is “the brotherhood and memories that come with it”. Jahimski’s very well deserving of all of his accomplishments.