Out with the new, in with the old: Retro fashion coming back in style


Each decade has its item that owns the entire world. In the ’20s, we had flapper dresses. In the ’50s, we had the “greasers.” In the 70’s- well the ’70s were all over the place; you were either all over bell-bottoms and conversation pits or vans and denim. The ’90s were all about the tight tops and baggy jeans, initially made stylish by women of color. However, once the twenty-first century began, everything started coming back. We asked fashion-loving students what they think about certain fashion hot-topics. 

In the early 2000s, or what some might call y2k, low-rise jeans and jogging suits were in almost everyone’s closets. And if you have not noticed, y2k fashion is making a huge comeback. Kailee, a senior at Madison County High School, says that her favorite part of y2k coming back is “the low-rise jeans.” She even says her favorite places to find “y2k style clothes” are “Humanity for Habitat, Goodwill, America’s Thrift, and Project Safe.” But this fashion icon does not just like y2k fashion, she also loves “baggy and fairy-core styles.” Kailee’s love for fashion is a huge part of her life, but you can see that by her outstanding outfits every day.

Although the low-rise jeans and patterned pants are making the best comeback, some students think otherwise. Makiyah, a junior at Madison County High School, says “baggy jeans and plaid pants are the best fashion trends to make a comeback.” Although she loves her baggy hoodies and ripped jeans, she prioritizes her fashion on social media. Makiyah loves to shop at American Eagle, but she enjoys shopping at small businesses. She says fashion’s importance in her life is rated 8/10, but her iconic Instagram posts say, fashion model

While plenty of students have begun their fashion journey, Racterica Hull, a junior at Madison County High School, has been rocking the early 2000s forever. Raterica is well known for her mom jeans and cropped tops, but she never makes a repeated outfit. She says thrift stores and H&M are her “favorite places to find new outfits.” Like Makiyah, Racterica’s social media is full of hit fashion and iconic poses. Although she loves her mom jeans, she believes bootcut jeans are the best comeback. 

The Writers’ Favorite Comebacks:

  • Corduroy 
  • Baggy Jeans
  • Baggy Sweats
  • Platformed shoes
  • Oxfords
  • Jorts
  • Tracksuits
  • Sweater Vests