All Too Well: A powerful short film


Before going into the video, let me just say I am one of the biggest Taylor Swift fans, and “All Too Well” is one of my favorite songs of all time. Watching the video could be one of the most serotonin-inducing experiences of my life.

The song is a ten-minute rumination about Taylor’s relationship with Jake Gyllenhaal. It expresses the feeling of falling in love, tribulations in a relationship, and the inevitable heartbreak soon found after losing the love you thought was once there. It features many examples of imagery and allusions. I personally recommend listening to the song first!

Let me jump right into my full review of this short film:

I am amazed, awestruck, and depressed. I cannot tell you how much I cried to this. The actors were perfectly chosen and one of the best qualities of the movie. Sadie Sink played the part accordingly with Dylan doing just as well. 

The song itself is a masterpiece, but the video fits just as the song sounds. The fight scene had so much raw emotion. I physically felt my soul leave my body. The conflicting argument between both characters felt so real. My favorite scene, however, is close to the end when Taylor grows up, rocking the red hair. The book was such a good idea. 

I feel so fulfilled. There is truly something special about Taylor’s directing skills and I honestly believe she has the most talents of anyone I know. The storytelling within the video left me speechless. Thank you, blondie.