Something for everyone: The Netflix series The Outer Banks

Marissa West

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Action, drama, chaos, and romance are all things people enjoy in a television series, but some television shows lack one or more of those qualities. Not Outer Banks. Outer Banks is a show filled with all these qualities and more. On Outer Banks, the main character John B.’s father is lost at sea. Everyone believes his father is dead, but not John B. He still has optimistic hope that his father will return, leading John B. and his friends on a quest to find something everyone believes is simply not possible. 

At the beginning of the show, there is a hurricane that takes place ripping through the island Outer Banks. When this happens, John B. and his friends find a boat that has an object which that has a very special connection to John B. Finding this object sends John and his friends on this hunt for something that could potentially change their lives forever. When watching Outer Banks, the audience is sent on a chaotic, thrilling ride wondering what is going to happen next. This show is sure to have something everyone can enjoy.